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        Henan University offers a competitive remuneration and benefits package to successful candidates, who will have the opportunity to advance their academic career in the historical and picturesque city of Henan, an excellent place to enjoy life and work in China.

        Research Support

        Internationally competitive startup packages for research

        Spacious laboratory space with well-equipped facilities

        Independent Offices

        Post-doctoral and graduate research students

        Interdisciplinary research opportunities and platforms


        Housing-Henan University provides well-equipped apartments for faculty to rent, and those qualified may apply to purchase one of the apartments reserved for talents

        Welfare-Life and social insurance

        Health- Medical insurance and regular annual medical examination

        Transportation-School busses run among all campuses of the University

        Dining- The University dining halls provide various cuisines with a good dining environment

        Relocation- The University will assist with the relocation of overseas talents

        Holidays-Regular holidays, plus academic holidays for qualified professors

        Sports-Well-equipped sports centers on campus

        Family Support

        Children-Medical insurance, priority registration atHenanUniversity’s kindergarten and primary school for younger children, and assistance with admission to secondary schools for older children.

        Spouse-We assist the awardee’s spouse in finding a job in Henan.

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