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        Wei Wang

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        Wang Wei, a PhD and a professor, is a doctoral supervisor. He is a member of the Department of The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the Director of both the Academic Committee of Henan University and the Center for Ancient Civilization Studies of Henan University. In 1982, he graduated from Jilin University with a bachelor's degree in archaeology and later joined the Institute of Archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. In January 1995, he received his doctor's degree in literature (humanities) from Kyushu University, Japan. In July 1996, he received his doctor's degree in history from the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. In 1999, he was honored as an expert with outstanding contributions to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. In the same year, he was awarded the title of doctoral supervisor and became one of the experts enjoying the special government allowance of the State Council. He served as Director of the Institute of Archaeology from July 2006 to January 2017. In 2011, he was elected as a member of the Department of The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. What’s more, the corresponding member of The German Institute of Archaeology was bestowed upon him in 2001. In 2006, he was nominated as the lifetime foreign member of the American Archaeological Society. And he was elected as the President of the Chinese Archaeological Society in 2015.

        Professor Wang also has several titles, such as the members as the fifth and sixth appraisal groups of the academic degrees committee of the State Council history discipline, the Member of Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, the leader of the 7th Discipline Assessment Group (Archaeology Group), the leader of the Discipline Planning Review Group of National Social Science Foundation of China (Archaeology Group), the head of the Expert Evaluation Group of the Archaeological Fund of the National Social Science, the member of the Special Committee of Education, Science, Culture and Health of the NPC, the member of the Expert Group of the National Cultural Heritage Administration, the Secretary-general of the World Archaeological Forum (Shanghai) ,the Deputies to the Twelfth and Thirteenth National People's Congresses..

        Professor Wang’s major research interests include the archaeologies concerning Xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasties, the origin of ancient civilizations of East Asia, and the archaeological research of ancient cultural exchanges in East Asia. He has won the second prize of field archaeology from the State Administration of Cultural Heritage for two times. He has published nearly 100 academic papers, 2 monographs, and edited and co-edited more than 10 other works. He used to be the leader of the executive expert group of “Chinese Civilization Exploration Project” under the National Science and Technology Support plan, and is now the chief expert of “Mongolian Origin and Emperor Mausoleum of Yuan Dynasty”, a major commissioned project of the National Social Science Foundation.

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