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        Weifang Li

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        Li Weifang, male, born in 1963, Doctor of Literature/postdoctoral, is a second-class professor, doctoral supervisor. He is now the Editorial Director and Chief Editor of The Journal of Henan University and Chief Editor of the Journal of Chinese Language and Literature. At the same time, he is also a first-level academic leader of the Chinese Language and Literature Doctoral program of Henan University, and an expert of the State Council special government allowance. His titles include: National “Ten Thousand People Plan” philosophy and social science leading talents, National cultural masters, National candidate for the “Millions of Talents Project”, National “Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions”, excellent expert of Henan Province, academic and technical leader of Henan Province, famous teachers of higher education in Henan Province,  distinguished Professor of Henan Province, outstanding professional and technical personnel of Henan Province, outstanding Youth Social Science Expert of Henan Province, Innovative Talents of Henan Province, outstanding scholar in the study of philosophy and social science in Henan Universities, etc. It is worth mentioning that he is the first national winner of One Hundred Excellent doctoral dissertations in the field of Comparative Literature in China and world literature. In addition, he is a member of the Chinese Language and Literature Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, an expert in the National Training program of the Ministry of Education, the Vice President of China Foreign Literature Teaching Research Association, the Vice President of China Comparative Literature Teaching Research Association, the Executive Director of China Shakespeare Research Association, Core member of national teaching team, Chief expert of Henan Provincial Teaching Team of Comparative Literature and World Literature and Chief expert of Henan Provincial innovation Team of Classical Interpretation and Comparative Study of Literature and Culture. Professor Li is a visiting scholar at The University of Cambridge in the UK, Harvard University in the US, The University of Foguang In Taiwan and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has been invited to lecture at the University of Macau and The Macau University of Science and Technology for many times. He has presided over and completed 2 national Social Science Fund projects and 1 Humanities and Social Science Fund project of the Ministry of Education, as well as 1 key project of the National Social Science Fund. Professor Li's main academic monographs are A Comparative Study of British Gothic Novels and Chinese Supernatural Novels of the Six Dynasties; Black Classic: A discussion of English Gothic fiction; The Never ending Shakespeare; Research on Liang Shiqiu's comments on Shakespeare; The Study of Western Literary Classics and Comparative Literature; Research on the Relationship between Empirical Methods of Comparative Literature and Aesthetic Criticism; He translated the book: Le Mone. He has won a number of first, second and third prizes for excellent social science achievements at the provincial and ministerial level. He has published many papers in Chinese Social Sciences, Literary Review, Foreign Literary Review, Foreign Literary Studies and other important academic journals.

        Professor Li has worked in the forefront of teaching for many years, teaching required courses such as “Comparative Literature” and “History of Foreign Literature" for undergraduates, and offering specialized courses such as "Reading of Comparative Literature Classics", "History of Shakespeare's Criticism”, “Study of Gothic Novels” and “Literature Acceptance and Comparative Thinking” for graduate students.

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