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        Baoming Zhang

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        Zhang Baoming is of Han Nationality; and he was born in Mengcheng, Anhui province in 1963. He is a member of the Communist Party of China and a doctor. He is the national candidate of "New Century Talent Project", a prominent expert and a known teacher of Henan Province. He is the vice President of Henan University and the doctoral supervisor of the School of History and Culture of this university. He is also the vice President of Henan Philosophical Society and the executive director of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Research Center for The History of Modern Chinese Thought.

        Zhang Baoming does research by means of the consciousness of problems mainly and he devotes himself to the study of the history of Chinese thought of the 20th century. In 1998, Zhang published his first monograph, Enlightenment and Revolution: The Dilemma of the May 4th Radicals, which made a leap forward from literature to the intellectual history and blazed a trail for his future academic research. Subsequently, he published The Study of Multidimensional View Under the < New Youth >, The Enlightenment of Modern China Intellectual Elite Journeyed of Thought, The Pain of Transition— Chinese Literature in the 20th Century Ideological and Cultural Enlightenment on Scale, Classical Chinese and Vernacular — a Century of Struggle, The Free End of Myth— Enlightenment in the 20th Century Que Lost Agent Solution and other works.

        Zhang has presided over and completed 2 projects of the National Foundation for Philosophy and Social Science, more than 10 provincial and minstrel-level projects of Henan Provincial Planning of Philosophy and Social Science and the Ministry of Education. He has published more than 100 papers in China's major newspapers and periodicals such as China Social Science, Literature Review and Guangming Daily, and more than 60 papers have been reprinted by Xinhua Digest, China Social Science Digest and The Photocopied Materials of Renmin University of China. He has won the first prize of Excellent Achievement in Social Science of Henan Province and 6 authoritative awards such as “Five Projects” of Henan Province.

        In recent years, Professor Zhang's textual research relying on New Youth has attracted extensive attention in academic circles. Employing the text of New Youth, he focused on enlightenment, a key word in the intellectual history, and “calmly sorted out the faults of enlightenment, patiently built the foundation of enlightenment, and determined to find more and more the ones which maintain the teaching of the culture of conscience day by day”. With his unique "problem consciousness" and "skepticism", Professor Zhang tries to explore the enlightenment construction and practical support of the sages from a calm and unique perspective by examining the characteristics of enlightenment paradox and shake off the passionate bigotry for the enlightenment feelings of the May 4th Movement. He "excavates the truth of the thought lost or even misunderstood in the study of intellectual history with a deconstructive perspective, and devotes himself to restore disclose the original and ecological appearance of this movement"; It not only pays attention to the construction of grand theories and the revelation of classical thoughts, but also emphasizes textual research and micro-empirical research”. The perspective of research is multi-dimensional and three-dimensional; and its viewpoint is new and vigorous".

        In his opinion, a scholar must have his own specific field of research, the sharp academic and problem consciousness". Academia without problems can only be bubbles, fakes, decorations." When interacting with his students, his pet phrase is: "History is to recreate the past, but it's not just about 'the past' for the sake of the past. Actually, it's about looking back at the past and focusing on the future. From his point of view, the practical significance of the study of the intellectual history lies in the ability to create an oasis of life in the historical ruins of death. Therefore, his works are permeated with a humanistic feeling which is generated by the activity that intellectuals take on moral responsibility.

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