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        Jie Yang

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        Yang Jie, a Doctor of Education, is a professor and a doctoral supervisor. He studied in Education Department of Henan University from 1981 to 1985 and received bachelor’s degree in 1985; from1985 to 1988, he got a master's degree in foreign Education history from Henan University and Shaanxi Normal University. He studied in East China Normal University from 2003 to 2006 and got the doctor's degree in education History there. He was a visiting scholar at Salem State University, Massachusetts, USA from 2009 to 2010. And he is the vice dean of School of Education Sciences, Henan University. In 2017, he was nominated as one of "ten Thousand Talents Plan" in 11 ministries and commissions, including organization Department and Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee. He is also the Executive Director of the Comparative Education Branch of the Chinese Education Society, the Director of the Educational History Branch of the Chinese Education Society, the Vice President of the Comparative Education Society of Henan Province, and the leader of the "Educational History and Cultural Research Innovation Team" of the Science and Technology Department of Henan Province. He has been awarded the titles of Advanced Individuals of Teacher Ethics of Henan Province, the Famous Teachers of Higher education of Henan Province, Young and Middle-aged Backbone Teachers of Henan Province, Academic and Technical Leaders of Education Department of Henan Province, etc.

        Since being awarded the above titles, Professor Yang has published 13 books and textbooks in several presses including China Social Sciences Press, Education Sciences Press and People's Education Press. He also published several works, such as Reconstructing the Relationship between Middle school and University, The History of Foreign Education, The History of Foreign University Education, The History of Foreign Primary and The Secondary Education, Selected works of Froebel on Early Childhood Education, International Comparison of Basic Education, etc. He also has published more than 60 articles in professional core journals, some of which have been reprinted by Renmin University of China and People's Education Press, and some of which have been excerpted by Xinhua Digest and Liberal Arts Academic Digest of Institutions of Higher Learning. In addition, he has successively presided over and accomplished a total of 10 provincial- and ministerial-level projects: a project named“Theories and Methods of Research on the History of Marginal Education in Contemporary America” of the Pedagogical Foundation of the National Philosophical and Social Science of China, “A Study on the History of Foreign Teacher Education” of Humanities and Social Sciences of Ministry of Education, a key project called “The Transformation of Normal Education in Developed Countries and Countermeasures” of the Ministry of Education of the National Education Scientific Planning, a planning project of Philosophy and Social Science of Henan province named “Research on The Transformation of Contemporary British and American Educational History”, an important project called “Research on the Core Competitiveness of Institutions of Higher Learning” of Education Scientific Planning of Henan Province, an important project of Social Science in Institutions of Higher Learning in Henan Province called “A Study on The Enlightening Significance of The Modern University System in the United States to The Reform of Higher Education in China” etc.. More importantly, the course “School Education Development” presided by him is rated as national quality resource-sharing Course and national quality resource-sharing Course in teacher education. And he has completed 4 higher education teaching reform projects and teacher’s education curriculum reform projects in Henan Province. He has won first prize for Higher Education Teaching Achievement of Henan Province, the Outstanding Award for“the Teaching Quality Competition”, the first prize in “Excellent Teaching”, and the second prize for the Teaching Achievement of Teachers’ Education; He also wins the titles of “Teaching Masters of Henan University”, “Outstanding Communist Party Member”, “Excellent Management Award” and “High Quality Course”. At last, he has been awarded as one of “the Most Popular Teacher” of the Education Science Institute four times where he works.

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